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Recruitment and Employment Support for Employers in Halifax, Nova Scotia and Across Canada

The Best Way to Access Temporary Talent in Halifax.

Post a position for a temporary receptionist and you'll be flooded with resumes from dozens of applicants - many unqualified. Now you have to spend hours trying to pinpoint just the right person. It can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

There is a simpler way.

At Supertemp, we're all about delivering the highest quality temporary employees available. That's why we accept only 20% of the individuals who apply with us - then we rigorously screen, evaluate and test each one. As a result, you'll get fast access to the people you need to get the job done.

Supertemp temporary employees can:

  • Fill staff absences due to vacations, illness, or parental leave
  • Provide support to your regular staff during busy periods
  • Provide support for special projects
  • Offer a specialized skill set

Join the likes of major corporations, small businesses, institutions and government departments and agencies throughout Nova Scotia that count on Supertemp to provide exceptional temporary staffing solutions. Contact Supertemp/Peapell & Associates today to get started.